How to safely send a large crypto transaction

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When it comes to sending large amounts of crypto, it’s always best to take precautions to ensure your funds arrive safely.

To safely send a large crypto transaction:

  1. Send a Test Transaction: Before sending a large amount, it’s a good practice to send a smaller test transaction. This helps confirm that the funds are being sent to the correct address and that they arrive without any issues. Avoid manually entering the address to which you are sending funds. Always copy and paste the information to prevent errors.
  2. Verify the Test Transaction: Once you’ve sent the test transaction, check that it has been received by the recipient. This usually takes just a few seconds.
  3. Send the Full Amount: After confirming that the test transaction was successful, you can proceed to send the larger amount. Remember to always double-check the information before sending.

All crypto transactions with Vibrant happen on the Stellar Network. This means they are typically settled within seconds, making it fast and efficient to send and receive funds.

What if I sent the funds to the wrong wallet or exchange?

Unfortunately, once a withdrawal is completed and the transaction appears as successful in your Vibrant account history, we cannot cancel, reverse, or modify the transaction. For more detailed information, visit our article "I sent crypto to the wrong wallet or exchange".

If you have any questions or encounter any issues, our Support Team is here to help! Create a support ticket here, and we’ll assist you as quickly as possible.


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