How do I make a transfer to my Vibrant account from a CBU/CVU?

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After you have created your deposit order from your Vibrant account, you need to make the payment to Latamex, our local partner in Argentina, using a CBU/CVU.


To complete the payment using a CBU/CVU:

  1. Verify the information we provided of your transaction.
  2. Access your Bank portal, which can be either web or app depending on your bank.
  3. Start a new bank transaction.
  4. Submit the requested information by your bank, including the details we shared with you:
    1. The amount
    2. Alias or CBU/CVU
    3. Reference code
  5. Your bank may allow you to add Latamex as a contact for future transactions. It's optional whether you choose to complete this step.
  6. Review all the information and verify everything is correct, then continue with the transaction.
  7. Wait for confirmation.
  8. And that's it! Your payment is complete!

*Your USDC may take up to 1 business day to reflect in the app. 


We have compiled tutorial videos from some of the most popular banks in Argentina. These videos aim to guide you through the transfer process:


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