Double Referral Program Campaign (Limited-time only)

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We're thrilled to announce exciting updates to our referral program at Vibrant! We've revamped it to make your experience smoother and your referral bonuses more accessible.

What’s Changing:

  • Simpler Transactions: We've eliminated the need to purchase ARST and then swap to USDC. Now, you can buy USDC directly, streamlining the process.
  • For Current Participants: If you’ve referred someone who has already started their referred users quest, there will be no disruptions. Their progress and your potential rewards will remain unaffected.
  • For New Participants: New referrals will be introduced to our new referred users quest. This simplified process only requires a deposit of 5 USDC and holding it for at least 7 days.

To celebrate the release, we offer a double referral program for two weeks. 



  • Participants must be registered and verified Vibrant users who reside in Argentina. 
  • Referred users must sign up using the referrer's unique referral code and complete the deposit and hold quest (deposit a minimum of 5 USDC via Latamex directly, and hold it for 7 consecutive days) Both the referrer and the referred users become eligible for the double referral bonus.
    Referred users must sign up and complete the deposit during the campaign period, to be eligible for the promotion.
  • Our referral program allows referrers to invite up to 10 users total across all campaigns. Please ensure that your referrals adhere to our standard program guidelines.


Campaign Period:

The double referral program campaign is effective immediately and will run for a limited time only: May 9 - May 22, 2024


Bonus Distribution:

After the referred users sign up and complete the deposit and hold quest, both the referrer and the referred users will receive a bonus of 3 USDC. Additionally, both parties will receive an extra 3 USDC each, totaling 6 USDC in bonus payment.
Double Referral bonuses will be calculated and credited to the referrer and referred users' Vibrant accounts by May 31


General Terms:

  • Vibrant reserves the right to disqualify any participant found to be engaging in fraudulent or abusive behavior.
  • Duplicate accounts or attempts to manipulate the referral system will result in immediate disqualification from the campaign.
  • Any disputes arising from the campaign will be resolved at the discretion of Vibrant.
  • By participating in the campaign, participants agree to abide by these terms and conditions.


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