How can I participate in the US Refer a Friend Quest?

Ihor Kyvliuk
Ihor Kyvliuk
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This program is currently only available to United States residents over 18 years of age. To be selected for access to the program, you will need to have created an account with Vibrant and successfully completed the KYC requirements.

Creating multiple accounts to earn multiple rewards is forbidden and will not qualify for a bonus.

You can complete KYC requirements by making at least one deposit with MoneyGram or Moonpay. Once completed, you will automatically be added to the waitlist for the beta version of the program. Once selected, the Vibrant app will give you the option, via the navigation menu, to refer friends.

Please note that the referral program is currently in beta and only a limited number of users have access. We will look to expand the access in the near future so that all users can start referring.

Once you click the Referrals button in the menu or in the Quests section, you will view a screen with instructions and your unique referral code.

You can then share the code with your friends by doing either of the following two actions:

  • Copying the code by tapping on it and sharing it yourself
  • Clicking the “Invite” button, which allows you to share via any messaging app you would like to use

Your referrals will then need to input your unique code during onboarding, create their account and complete the first Quest by making one deposit of at least 50 USDC via MoneyGram or Moonpay.

Once they have completed the first quest, you will both receive a 10 USDC bonus.

If your referral already has a Vibrant account, neither your referral nor yourself will qualify for the referral bonus.

There is currently a limit of 10 referrals per user. Once your referral code has been inputted 10 times during the creation of Vibrant accounts, it will no longer be valid.

You can receive 10 USDC for each referral, up to 10 referrals per account at a maximum of 100 USDC total referral bonus.

Vibrant reserves the right to change the Referral Program terms and requirements, or terminate the Referral Program, at any time, in its sole discretion, and without notice.

The bonus amount for each user depends on the time each respective user opts into the quest, regardless of any changes made to bonus amounts at later dates.

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