I added crypto to my Vibrant (wallet) and have not received it.

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Sending crypto from a different wallet to your Vibrant wallet involves different steps.

If you have sent crypto to your Vibrant wallet and have not received it, please verify the following:

  1. You used the address for your wallet that’s in your settings.
  2. You sent the correct type of money, XLM/Stellar USDC.
  3. Confirm that the transaction in the sending wallet appears as successful.

If everything is correct, and you still haven’t received the funds, please contact our Customer Support Team with the following:

  • Hash or Transaction ID:
  • Destination address:
  • Sending Address:
  • Amount:
  • Date of the transaction:
  • Screenshot of the confirmed transaction.

You can submit a request for our Support Team here, or email us at help@vibrantapp.com

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