How to get paid in USDC via Bitwage

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Getting paid in USDC is super simple. Bitwage offers an integration where workers for US, EU, and UK-based companies can receive their paycheck in USDC by linking their account to Vibrant.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open on Desktop and create a Bitwage account
  2. Select to be paid with USDC - Stellar
  3. Select Vibrant
  4. Download the Vibrant App
  5. Open your camera and scan the QR code
  6. Select Confirm from your app to link your Vibrant account
  7. Share the information of your account with your employer
  8. Get paid!

​See it in action in the tutorial below:



Have any questions? Be sure to reach out to the Vibrant support team to get started.

You can email the Vibrant support team by creating a support ticket here.


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