What are the deposit options in Vibrant?

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You have different options to add funds into your Vibrant account:

  • You can deposit from your bank account in Argentina, through our local partner Latamex.*
  • You can cash in through MoneyGram, for cash ins an order from your Vibrant App must be created prior to deliver the cash to the selected MoneyGram location.
  • You can link your Bitwage account to receive the funds from your payroll directly in your Vibrant account, to learn how visit: How to get paid in USDC via Bitwage
  • You are able to send Stellar USDC or XLM from other exchanges to your Vibrant wallet, to learn more, visit our article "How can I transfer crypto from other wallets or exchanges?".
  • You can receive funds from other Vibrant users. To learn how to do it, visit our article "How can I receive funds from other Vibrant users?"
  • Additionally, you can deposit from your bank account in Argentina through Mercado Pago.

*Please note that some cash in options may vary based on your country of residence, to learn more visit our article "Where can you cash in/out with Vibrant?".

Some limits may apply, to learn more about it, please visit our article "Fees, limits, and transaction times".


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