How do I send assets to a phone number?

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What is send to phone?

It is a Vibrant feature which allows you to send funds to others, even if they don’t have a Vibrant account. You just need their phone number to send the funds. It makes it easier to send funds to other people and invite them to use Vibrant.


Can I send the funds even if they are not in my contacts?

Yes! You just need the phone number of the recipient.


To send funds to a phone number:

  1. Sign in to your Vibrant account.
  2. Tap on Send
  3. Insert the phone number you want to send funds to
  4. Select USDC
  5. Type in the amount you want to send and tap on Review
  6. Confirm that the information is correct (amount and phone number), and click on Confirm.
  7. Send a message to the recipient to let them know they have funds to claim by clicking on Send message*, you can share this by email, SMS, WhatsApp or social media.
  8. Done! The funds will be ready for your contact to claim them.

*Your contact will need to provide their phone number when creating their Vibrant account in order to claim the funds. It must be the same number you used to send the funds.


How many payments can I have simultaneously?

You can only have 5 outstanding phone payments. If your contact hasn't claimed the funds, then send a reminder or cancel one of the initiated payments to send more.


How long does it take for the funds to arrive?

The payment will be ready to claim immediately after you confirm the transaction.


How can I see the status of my payment?

You can visit your transaction history to review the status of your transaction by clicking on the clock icon located at the bottom of your home screen.

  • If the funds haven’t been claimed, you’ll see the transaction as “Paid + phone number”
  • If the funds have been claimed, you’ll see the transaction as “Reclaimed payment”


Can I cancel a payment?

Yes! You can cancel a send to phone payment if it hasn’t been claimed and still appear on your history as “Payment”. To cancel a payment:

  1. Tap on the transaction from your transaction history screen
  2. Tap on Cancel
  3. Confirm the cancellation

Once you cancel the pending transfer, the funds will be returned to your account instantly.

Please note that you can only cancel a payment that hasn’t been claimed yet. A claimed transaction cannot be reversed.


How will the recipient be notified about my transaction?

They will receive an SMS indicating that they have received funds.

Once the Vibrant account has been created, they will see that they have money waiting for them!


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