How do I cash out Stellar USDC?

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Users can cash out with MoneyGram.

To cash out your USDC via MoneyGram:

  1. Sign into your Vibrant account
  2. Tap on "Sell USDC"
  3. Select "Cash drop off"
  4. Click on "Next"
  5. Select your cash-out Country, State and Exchange Currency Type*
  6. Enter the amount to cash out and click on Next
  7. Review the transaction details and click on Confirm
  8. Fill out your personal information and click on Next
  9. Fill out your identification details and click on Next
  10. Please review and submit your transaction summary
  11. Process your cash-out at the selected MoneyGram location with your Photo ID


*Exchange currency type availabilities may vary by country and MoneyGram location. You will receive the value of your USDC in the selected currency in the MoneyGram form, subject to availability in your cash-out Country and the selected MoneyGram location.


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