How do I Sign Out?

Yelyzaveta Bocharnikova
Yelyzaveta Bocharnikova
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If you wish to enhance the security of your account, you have two options. You can set up a PIN that will be prompted each time you open the app, or you can opt to sign out from your account whenever you're finished using it.

If you want to learn more about about creating a PIN please visit: How do I keep My Account safe?

How do I Sign Out When I'm Finished Using My Account:

  1. Sign into your Vibrant account
  2. Click on your initial, located in the upper right side of your screen
  3. Go to Preferences
  4. Click on “Sign out”
  5. Confirm you want to Sign out
  6. Done!

If you're looking to log back into your Vibrant account, simply revisit the app and tap on "I already have an account" to select your preferred sign in option.

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