Deletion of your Vibrant Account

Yelyzaveta Bocharnikova
Yelyzaveta Bocharnikova
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To initiate the account deletion process, kindly send a request to from your registered email address. Please note that in order to complete the account deletion, it is necessary to withdraw all funds from your Vibrant account first. In case you lack access to your account, rest assured that our support team will guide you through the process and may request additional information to assist you effectively.

For information on your data subject rights with respect to your personal data, please visit our privacy policy here. We will process the account deletion within 30 days once we receive all the necessary information from you, and all funds from your account have been removed.
Information about third-party accounts in Vibrant

When you have created your Vibrant account, you may have also created accounts with our partners and other third parties that support various features in the app. Please visit the links listed before for more information about these separate accounts.
LOBSTR: LOBSTR is an independent third party that provides account recovery services within Vibrant. Click here for more information about your LOBSTR account.
Stellar: Vibrant is built on the Stellar blockchain and uses Stellar wallets. Click here for more information about Stellar Wallets.

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