• About Vibrant

    About Vibrant

    Everything you need to know about Vibrant, its availability, features, and partners.

  • My Account

    My Account

    Learn how to set up and manage your Vibrant account.

  • Security


  • Fees and Limits

    Fees and Limits

    See fees and limits associated with the Vibrant App

  • Deposits (Cash in)

    Deposits (Cash in)

    Learn how to add funds to your account.

  • Withdrawals (Cash out)

    Withdrawals (Cash out)

    Learn how to send assets to contacts, exchanges and wallets, withdraw, and cash out

  • Send


    Learn how to send funds from your Vibrant account

  • Bitwage


    Learn how to receive your payments through Bitwage in your Vibrant account

  • Quests


    Learn about the Vibrant Quests

  • Crypto


  • Troubleshooting


    If something goes wrong, go here

  • Buying Gift Cards

    Buying Gift Cards

    Learn how to use your USDC/XLM balance to buy e-gift cards

  • Promotions and campaigns

    Promotions and campaigns